Connor Grogan
Visual Artist
History is the interpretation of events of the past. All history is written from the viewpoint of contemporary preoccupations and can be controlled to suit the needs of the author. My practice investigates these manipulated and reinterpreted histories. I analyse these facts and fictions, comparing the discrepancies between their different perspectives. Through this investigation I reimagine these events, synthesising them into distorted or alternate scenarios. I work predominately with oil paint on linen, using traditional painting techniques. My process often uses collage and drawing to aid the development of an image before the beginning of a painting. In my painting I explore light, contrast and surface and use them to create different atmospheres and environments.

Connor Grogan was born in Dublin in 1983. He completed an International Baccalaureate at St. Andrews College, Dublin in 2000 and Foundation Studies at Wimbledon School of Art, London
in 2001. Connor has lived and worked in Victoria since 2008, presenting his works in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and Dublin. These exhibitions include Angle of Decline, 2010, at Chapman and Bailey; Crystal Palms, 2012, at The Substation; The Banyule Award for Works on Paper, 2013; and International Airspace at Place Gallery, 2014. Connor is based in Ivanhoe.
Connor Grogan
Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Music (instrument)
Film Making, Editing, Audio/Sound, Animation
Jan 7, 2015