109 members
Ella Hinkley
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Public Art, Sculpture
Performing Arts Singing, Live Art
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Design/Craft
Rosemary Crosthwaite
Visual Arts/Crafts Textiles, Weaving
Anne Bennett
Visual artist, curator and educator
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Curating. Arts Writing / Research
Julie Walker
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Jewellery, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Collage, watercolor, mosaics
Simon Dransfield
Mural Artist
Dan Plasto
Abstract artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture
Junko Azukawa
Japanese ink artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting, Paper, Public Art
Performing Arts Performing, Live Art
Nadine Dudek
Watercolour Artist
Lachlan Plain
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Public Art
Performing Arts Puppetry
Linda Robertson
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Painting
Rod Ceballos
Claire Needham
Visual Arts/Crafts Mixed Media, Photography
Jessica Pinney
Artist and PhD candidate
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Public Art
Performing Arts Performing, Music (instrument), Singing, Composing
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Land Art
Dianne Collins
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Botanical Illustration
Imogen Brough
Childrens Entertainer
Visual Arts/Crafts Jewellery, Painting, Textiles
Performing Arts Performing, Dance, Circus/Physical Performer, Story Telling
Leza Cullen
Community Arts Worker
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Textiles
Eli Minuz
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Sculpture
Alice Bennett
Performing Arts Music (instrument)
Katherine Chouliaras Lewis
Artist: Contemporary & Traditional
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Illustration/Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Abstract/Contemporary; Fine art.
Heidelberg Artist Society Inc
Artist Collective
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting, Paper
Linda Schneider
Fine Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Deb Layt
Textile Artist
Felicity Gordon
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Public Art, Sculpture
Petra Reece
Oil painter
Voula Christopoulos
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting, Printmaking
Heidi Everett
Writer, Musician, Illustrator, Activist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing
Performing Arts Music (instrument), Singing, Composing
Other Performing Arts Narrative music
Blaise Van Hecke
Writer and Publisher
Charles Pakana
Artist, Writer and Speaker
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting
Performing Arts Acting, Story Telling
Lisa Watson
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Public Art
Other Performing Arts Dj
Tracey Lamb
Sculptor and occasional photographer.
Visual Arts/Crafts Metal, Photography, Public Art, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Working with timber, plaster, concrete, textiles, aluminium, bronze and photography.
Fae Ballingall
Landscape Painter
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting
Costa Athanassiou
Visual Arts/Crafts Photography
Alice Ewing
Visual Arts/Crafts Clay, Illustration/Drawing, Paper, Printmaking
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Needle-felted sculpturing
Andrew Lucas
Figurative Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting, Photography
Gloria Glennon
Artist, Lyricist and Poet
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Performing Arts Singing, Story Telling
Paul Erikson
Visual Arts/Crafts Photography
Rain Gidley
Freelance Sculptor
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Clay, Experimental, Mixed Media, Plastic, Public Art, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Mould making and Casting Technician
Vincent Giles
Performing Arts Music (instrument), Composing
Other Performing Arts sonic art
Frances Lee
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Anthony Williams
Painter Sculptor Printmaker/ Tutor(Drawing/Painting)
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Patrick Ryant
Industrial Design Student
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing
Jasmine Corbett
Illustrator, writer, community & public arts
Visual Arts/Crafts Cartooning/Graphic Novel, Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Public Art, Textiles
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Collage and book making, digital art, costume creation.
Amber Holmes
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Painting, Paper
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Alcohol Ink Painting, Resin Art
Jodi Wiley
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Urban Sketching
Emily Rosner
Performing Arts Performing, Music (instrument), Singing, Composing, Story Telling
Other Performing Arts Writing Music for Film
Laura Kate
Singer and violinist
Performing Arts Performing, Music (instrument), Singing