Wendy Brentnall-Wood
Music Director
Wendy is a qualified music teacher of 35+ years, with a unique sense of humor who helps and inspires people start making music in a simple, easy and systematic way to allow them to enrich their lives.
Through the experience of teaching thousands of students, Wendy saw how frustrating it can be for people to get started. Through many years of teaching in schools and private studios and her own home, Wendy developed a method that make teaching music enjoyable and simple. Wendy has written and published over 110 music teaching books and resources during her career and continues to create more resources. Wendy’s Learn to Play or Sing Method has been tried and proven in her teaching studio in Melbourne, Australia with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students of all ages enjoying success and making music!
Starting from the humble beginnings of a private teacher at her home, the demand for Wendy’s services enabled her to found and directs her own group of music companies employing teachers and developing a franchise system in 2000. As an experienced teacher and musician in many settings and instruments, Wendy has a unique depth understanding of instrumental music and of how to structure and operate at all levels.
Wendy's passion and generosity in sharing her skill and knowledge is obvious to all who connect with her.
Wendy Brentnall-Wood