Alice Ewing
Alice Ewing has been fascinated by nature for as long as she can remember. Family holidays in wild places led to the development of her fervent desire to capture the beauty of the diverse natural treasures she came across; through drawings, photographs and other media, including stencils and clay.

Since completing her BSc.(Hons.) in Zoology at the University of Melbourne, Alice has worked as an ecological researcher and consultant, but is now keen to take her art career to the next level, in conjunction with her ecological work.

Alice's art is largely inspired by many interactions and experiences with wildlife and native vegetation throughout Australia and overseas, including Antarctica. As a profoundly deaf person, Alice has a strong affinity with the visual world and seeks to share her passion for nature with others, through capturing a microcosm of nature, which may otherwise be overlooked.

Alice currently shares an art studio/shop at the new Preston Artists Market, situated within the North Block of Preston Market - open every day during market days which are Wed-Sat (usually from 10am until closing time).
Alice Ewing
Clay, Illustration/Drawing, Paper, Printmaking
Needle-felted sculpturing
People living with disabilities