John Billan
Video/Sound Artist
John Billans’ career in the visual arts spans more than twenty-five years. During this time, he has maintained an art practice with primary concerns involving Photography, Video, and New Media with an interest in experimenting with the performative potential of new technologies.
The main areas of his practice are printing and image making, using traditional and alternative processes.
These include digital image production using ink jet technology, as well as exploration of the interface between the traditional and the new.
He has worked closely and contributed to the migration from Analogue imaging to Digital imaging practices. With a background in Media Arts he has worked mainly in the still image area, often hybridizing the image to be used in a temporal form involving Video and Sound. Working in education with undergraduate and postgraduate students, he has many years’ experience facilitating and guiding students through a complex time adopting and embracing new technologies.
John Billan