Voula Christopoulos
Visual Artist
I am a visual artist who has been painting for many years and has recently completed a Fine Art Degree at RMIT.
I have used various mediums but most often use oil paint for my paintings on linen. I have also been developing my printmaking skills, since studying.

Memories, dreams and the subconscious have been an area of interest for me and I have been exploring these ideas through domestic interior spaces. The home is where dreams take place and memories are made. I have been using these ideas to depict ambiguous interior spaces that are not instantly recognisable. The images are both, familiar and vague, which I hope could trigger a faint memory or fragmented recollection of a dream in the viewer.
Voula Christopoulos
Painting, Printmaking
2016 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with Distinction RMIT University Melbourne
2014 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts RMIT