Dan Plasto
Abstract artist
Hi there my name is Dan and I paint things.... I paint on all sorts of recycled surfaces, odd bits and off cuts of wood/furniture, canvas, skate boards, glass, tree branches, rocks and thick blocks of polystyrene etc. I obtain all my surfaces from op shops, garage sales and hard rubbish!! I use a multitude of mediums, (water based, oil, water based-enamel, acrylic, enamel) house paints, spray paint, very rarely artists acrylic, textile ink, ink, porcelain paint, nail polish, marker refill, tile paint, laminate paint, glass paint, glycob, liquid acrylic, metal paint, automotive paint, wood decking stain and anything else I find.... I have a few different styles and techniques depending on the resources I have lying around at the time, paints and surfaces etc. I never use mediums, resin, flow nor varnishes, I just use paint. I always paint wet on wet; working with the chemical reactions of such a diverse range of mediums. I use gravity as well as the density of various mediums that enhances the chemical reaction, my paintings still morph and change up to and over a week because of this and also creating a variety of textures over the drying period. I channel my soul and emotions through music, movement and paint. When I paint I completely lose myself and get into a trance like state where nothing else exists and time stops, I stop thinking and just do. It all comes from somewhere within. I have complete freedom and I do not follow any rules or etiquette. I paint for the sake of the activity, there is no end game. I have painted for 12 years, 10 of which I have painted in the "dark" and I have only shown my work for the last 2 years because it was my mums last wish. If you are interested in looking at more of my work please check me out on Facebook or Instagram; thedrunkenyobbo
Dan Plasto
Experimental, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture
Public art projects, Exhibitions, Art instructions/lessons, Arts for social change/creative activism
Adults, Businesses, Families, General public, People living with disabilities, Seniors, Women, Young people
Aug 20, 2017