Linda Schneider
.Looking forward to retirement so I can paint more in the community
I am looking for a venue to exhibit my Eltham/Montmorency Bushland Series when it is completed.

I studied Fine Art (painting) in Victoria in the late 1970s; and then completed a Graduate Diploma in Sculpture in the early 1980s. I have taught Art and languages (Indonesian and English) in schools in Australia and in other countries, and have worked in government jobs. My artwork has changed and evolved over the years.

At the moment, I am working on two themes, i.e. a bushland series triggered by the beautiful shadows and dancing light of the Eltham and Montmorency parklands, and a more classical series of nude drawings.

I believe in life-long learning and that everything I paint is an experiment where I learn something new. The bushland series is influenced by a recent trip to Canberra where I saw the Monet Exhibition (late 2019). My theory is that old painters lose their eyesight and so I am painting this series in a darkened space, where brighter colours are used to compensate for the lack of studio-space light. My aim is to use my unconscious past experiences to execute these paintings. These paintings could currently be described as contemporary expressionist.

The series of nude paintings was also started recently. This series is more contemplative, and slowly executed. I attended a workshop in Mentone by Catherine Hamilton who demonstrated a layering technique that she uses on landscape drawings. So my aim is to apply this technique in the making of life drawings.
Linda Schneider
Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Exhibitions, Art instructions/lessons
Adults, People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, School children
Dip. Fine Art (Painting); Grad Dip. Fine Art (Sculpture); B.Ed. (Art and Craft); B. Ed (Primary)