Paul Higgins
Managing Director
Hello, my name is Paul Higgins and I am the manager here at Empire Music Studios, the new Studio 52, previously of Johnston St Collingwood (1986-2019). Trevor Carter is the head engineer and co-owner with me, we started as friends and songwriters together back in 1983. Rather than scale down when our Collingwood location was slated for demolition we decided to go bigger and better. We have built brand new world-class studios right here on your doorstep and we hope that the community of Banyule will take advantage of this great Arts and Music resource and in the process support our gutsy, if not crazy, endeavour. We love working with musicians from all genres and always work hard to bring out your best performance. Please feel free to call me on 0412-686-252 for any further information or to discuss your project plans.
Paul Higgins
We have a photography studio which is also suitable for video as well as podcasts and vodcasts.
Performing, Music (instrument), Singing
Recording Studios for hire, Recording, Mixing, Mastering services.
Multimedia, Editing, Audio/Sound, Video
Specialising in Music Videos and Graphic Artwork for the music industry
Spoken Word
Copywriting for web text, media releases and other music industry-related projects. We have the recording facilities to properly record spoken word for any project including audio books.
Workshops/demonstrations/master-classes/presentations, Writing services, Performance, Professional development training, Project management, Film preproduction/production/editing sessions, Commercial commissions, Curating, Audio or video recording
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Adults, Businesses, Families, General public, Men, People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, People living with disabilities, School children, Seniors, Women, Young people
ARIA, AIR, Heidelberg West Business.
36 years of working in the music industry