Stephanie Cobon
I am a photographer and writer who is interested in exploring the way we construct narrative though language, text and object - the way we navigate visual landscape and create meaning. I shoot 35 and 120mm film on a Nikon FM, a Canon A1 and a Contax T2. My preference is to shoot within the abstraction of black and white, but I do also love colour and experimenting with different colour film stocks. Common themes of my work are solitude, illusion/ shadow and decay. I am interested in automating the film process and making what is a traditionally delicate and complex form accessible and immediate. I divide my subject matter into form (bodies, portraiture, sharing intimate space with others) and landscape (interacting and collaborating with liquids and other substances found at sites that I am locating my images). I produce photo objects that are entirely hand crafted in my laundry in Rosanna - from the development to printing film onto hand made paper.

I am open to all kinds of collaboration, especially the creation of art that is fleeting, momentary and incidental.

My Instagram account is loose_recluse.
Stephanie Cobon
Experimental, Mixed Media, Paper, Photography, Public Art
Poetry, Prose, Scriptwriting/Playwright, Spoken Word
Workshops/demonstrations/master-classes/presentations, Writing services, Residency – community, in school, Project management, Exhibitions, Commercial commissions, Curating, Concert/performance/reading
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, General public, People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Women