Sheryl Hemphill
The focus of my practice has been creative writing, particularly poetry. Haiku (3-line poems) is a form of poetry to which I am drawn to write about nature.

During the lockdowns, my practice began to shift from writing poems to also illustrating them with photos and drawings. My work is mainly presented using digital platforms. I am currently exploring ways of custom-making poetry in e-cards, e-booklet collections and e-calendars.

I also write flash fiction and short stories.

I have returned to creative writing after a career in research, having reached the level of Professor. When I'm not writing haiku, I write free verse or villanelle poems about knowledge and experience from my research career in areas related to education and health such as bullying, inclusion at school, and homelessness.

My haiku has been published in Windfall: Australian Haiku, Frog Pond (USA), and Presence (UK).

I am particularly interested in the way creativity can promote health and wellbeing, having experienced this firsthand. I am committed to sharing this experience with others and assisting them on their own artistic journeys.
Sheryl Hemphill
Illustration/Drawing, Photography
Poetry, Prose, Non-fiction Author, Fiction Author, Spoken Word
Workshops/demonstrations/master-classes/presentations, Writing services
2019-2021: Society for Women Writers Victoria and online Perennial Poets Group
2017: Runner-up prize in the State Trustees Little Stories Writing Competition.

2019: Short story for the Audrey Daybook competition was short-listed for the Round 2 semi-finalist decision.
PhD (Psychology)

Research Career (1992-2018): Extensive publication track record including edited books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, and writing for the general public.