Peter Sward
I am an artist from Melbourne, working with oils, on cotton and linen canvas.

I have soft spot for realism landscapes, both simple and complex. Recreating these or creating my own is a gratifying challenge.

Nature can showcase both vivid and surreal, colours, visual effects, and cloud formations.

As they are always fleeting, capturing these in a photo allows me to have stock for reference. I like my photos to be SOOC (straight out of camera - untouched)

The oil paintings created are from using directly or mixing from a mostly bold primary colour palette, which can be another challenge. As the colours and forms come together, it is extremely satisfying to see the canvas come to life.

As the viewer is the sole judge as to what they like, I believe lengthy explanations accompanying my creations should not be necessary to encourage a positive reaction.

But as an artist, I hope at the very least the viewer appreciates the effort that goes into each and every artwork. It is however a bonus if they find them visually pleasing!

Hope you enjoy!
Peter Sward
Fiction Author
Commercial commissions, Art instructions/lessons