Charles Pakana
Artist, Writer and Speaker
As a self-taught Aboriginal (Palawa/Tasmania) artist, I have worked on refining a dot-only style of painting. As a result even a 60cm x 60cm piece will consist of well in excess of 30,000 dots and take several weeks to complete. I have forgone the use of canvas, opting instead for Atelier acrylic paint on carefully prepared boards simply due to the fact that I am able to achieve more precisely circular dots.

Most of my pieces are politically and/or socially motivated and messaged, ensuring I remain true to my personal beliefs.

Interestingly, as I fill out this form, the prompt is asking me to detail my qualifications. Simple... none whatsoever. Despite being sent to an exclusive private school in Sydney during the seventies and eighties, I dropped out at 16 and joined the Army on my 17th birthday. How's that for qualifications? :-)

Rock on - Charles :-)
Charles Pakana
Acting, Story Telling
Poetry, Fiction Author, Spoken Word
Workshops/demonstrations/master-classes/presentations, Exhibitions, Commercial commissions, Arts for social change/creative activism
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, General public, School children, Seniors, Young people
Nope. None of these.
Hmmm. None of these either. (Sigh.)
Self-taught artist
High school dropout at 16
Infantryman for 9 years
Father of three daughters
What more do you want? :-)