Chelle Destefano
Visual Artist
I'm a Deaf visual artist, born in Melbourne and I returned to Victoria after 18 years in Adelaide. I have worked with watercolours and inks but recently I stepped out of my usual boundaries to work in mixed mediums that include oils, resin, wire, fabric, clay, wood as textural paintings and inter-disciplines that include art installation, found objects and video installations.

I have been exhibiting regularly for the past five years in commercial and public galleries around Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and QLD, and abroad in Venice, Paris, UK, Berlin and Rome. The work I exhibited were watercolour paintings and some paintings of mixed mediums. I more recently exhibited a set of sculptures made from wire, paint, clay and wood in Melbourne for the Fringe Festival 2018 and this year I have shown a more diverse range of multi art form artworks that include art installation and video alongside painting and sculpture in a cohesive nature.

Recently in April, I was selected by Testing Grounds for a project development on mixed mediums and experimental use of paper, clay and ink in my art practices and developing a new project idea that expands into performance art, video, sculpture and art installation all in one project.

Since that time, I have been working on a project about my personal life experiences including growing up Deaf and our Deaf culture.
Chelle Destefano