Gloria Glennon
Artist, Lyricist and Poet
Presently, I'm a painter, illustrator, poet and lyricist that is ever-evolving. My days are a creative quilt woven on the whims of each moment. My paintings and illustrations may be described as Surrealist at times, while abstract at others; but they can't be pinned down entirely to a neatly packaged definition. Artworks often involve mediums including acrylic paint, ink, and colour pencil. My art, whether written word or visual, is often centred on expressing and exploring introspection and reflection with honesty. I'm enamoured with the 'Big Questions'- especially those spiritual or psychological in nature and the human condition. But I'm equally as happy taking on commissioned portraits or illustrative design work.

I've always lived in Melbourne and have made and sold art throughout my life. However, it has shifted from the background to the foreground more recently, as I've become devoted to making it my primary focus. With a background studying English literature, Sociology, History, and Anthropology at La Trobe University, as well as some training in lyric and poetry writing with Pat Pattison of Berklee College of Music, I decided to leave the academic world and focus on the excitement, creative chaos and expressionism of the artistic vocation. Don't let this verbose prose fool you though, I'm just a bit of cosmic clay and breath that enjoys daggy dancing as much as the next person.
Gloria Glennon
Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Singing, Story Telling
Lyric writing