Lisa Watson
Visual Artist
I've been taking photos for the past 20 years, though have only started exhibiting and selling in the past year. I love to capture light, junk & street art and bring forth the unexpected and unseen. I also recently collaborated with a group of artists on the 'Home Truths' exhibition and created an installation piece using man made and natural materials. In the future I'd love to use my art to regenerate spaces to give back to the community. I am currently working on the 'Banyule A Different Perspective' project which aims to do this.
Lisa Watson
Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Public Art
Film Making, Multimedia, Editing, Presenting, Audio/Sound
Public art projects, Professional development training, Exhibitions, Audio or video recording
Adults, Families, General public, Men, School children, Women, Young people
Studied Photography at Footscray City Secondary College
Certificate IV Life Coaching
Apr 24, 2017
Apr 24, 2017
Mar 22, 2016