Anthony Williams
Painter Sculptor Printmaker/ Tutor(Drawing/Painting)
Anthony Williams was born in Melbourne in 1977. Anthony went to school in the Eltham area and he always had a passion for creating art even at a young age. After completing his VCE in 1995 he looked at a vocation in the Shipping Industry. For fourteen years of feeling uninspired in this field he was always painting, drawing and sculpting in his spare time. He felt that he had something to offer the art world and believed that being capable, hardworking, dedicated, and driven were virtues of a successful artist.
After years of self-tutorials of drawing, sculpting and painting he began studying for a Diploma in Fine Art at La Trobe College of Art and Design in Melbourne. In 2008 Anthony received his Diploma, whilst still working in the shipping Industry. He felt he had two choices after his studies. One, enrol in a degree course of fine art or two opt for a more practical perspective in painting. Anthony chose the latter and under took a more traditional painting apprenticeship with the painter David Moore at Montsalvat whilst exhibiting at various galleries around Melbourne.
In 2010 Anthony had his first solo exhibition at The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham and in the same year became a full time artist.
Fundamental to his practice is working with the figure whether that be sculpting in wax to produce bronze or carving wood and marble, painting in oil or printmaking(etchings).
Anthony's current body of work has a more expressive use of colour and has also included some painting developments of urban landscapes.
Anthony Williams
Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Residency – community, in school, Touring shows
Adults, Men
Diploma of Fine Art, La Trobe College of Art + Design. Practical Painting Apprentice David Moore, Montsalvat School of Painting