100 members
Annabelle Tunley
Performing Arts Performing, Singing, Composing
Deb Layt
Textile Artist
Rebeccah Power
Contemporary Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Illustration/Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Paper, Photography, Printmaking
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Digital Imaging
Paul Erikson
Visual Arts/Crafts Photography
Rain Gidley
Freelance Sculptor
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Clay, Experimental, Mixed Media, Plastic, Public Art, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Mould making and Casting Technician
Vincent Giles
Performing Arts Music (instrument), Composing
Other Performing Arts sonic art
Darien Pullen
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Brenda M Colautti
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Clay, Illustration/Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Painting, Silk Painting, Mosaic & Sculpture
Blaise Van Hecke
Writer and Publisher
Zara McKenzie
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Painting, Public Art
Fred Colla
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting
Wendy Brentnall-Wood
Music Director
Julie Walker
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Jewellery, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Collage, watercolor, mosaics
Alice Bennett
Performing Arts Music (instrument)
Costa Athanassiou
Visual Arts/Crafts Photography
Carol Gardner
Sculptor, explorer, artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Installation, Mixed Media, Public Art, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Sculpture, sound & spatial practice
John Billan
Video/Sound Artist
Laura Kate
Singer and violinist
Performing Arts Performing, Music (instrument), Singing
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen
Ceramicist and artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Design/Craft
Saffron Samuels
exhibition designer/ artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture
Linda Schneider
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Painting
Heidi Everett
Writer, Musician, Illustrator, Activist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing
Performing Arts Music (instrument), Singing, Composing
Other Performing Arts Narrative music
Joe Pascoe
Curator and Writer
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Curator
Donna Broadbent
Mosaic Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Glass
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Mosaic
Travis H Heinrich
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Installation, Light Art, Mixed Media
Andrew Lucas
Portrait Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting, Photography
Ronak Taher
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Painting, Public Art
Felicity Gordon
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Public Art, Sculpture
Jacqui Lewis
Visual Artist, Art Therapist and Counsellor
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art
Rebecca Johnson
Artist/Art Educator
Visual Arts/Crafts Clay, Illustration/Drawing, Metal, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Sayraphim Lothian
Public Artist
Rod Ceballos
Patrick Ryant
Industrial Design Student
Visual Arts/Crafts Illustration/Drawing
Penelope Aitken
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Painting
Amy Kennedy
Ceramic Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Clay, Sculpture
Christina Ann Gordan
Abstract Artist / Writer / Digital Document Designer
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Painting
Petra Reece
Oil painter
Lisa Watson
Visual Artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Public Art
Other Performing Arts Dj
Fae Ballingall
Landscape Painter
Visual Arts/Crafts Painting
Jasmine Corbett
Illustrator, writer, community & public arts
Visual Arts/Crafts Cartooning/Graphic Novel, Illustration/Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Public Art, Textiles
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Collage and book making, digital art, costume creation.
Tracey Lamb
Sculptor and occasional photographer.
Visual Arts/Crafts Metal, Photography, Public Art, Sculpture
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Working with timber, plaster, concrete, textiles, aluminium, bronze and photography.
Amber Holmes
Visual Arts/Crafts Ceramics, Painting, Paper
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Alcohol Ink Painting, Resin Art
Helen Macqueen
Quilter & Mixed media textile artist
Visual Arts/Crafts Mixed Media, Textiles
Jessica Pinney
Artist and PhD candidate
Visual Arts/Crafts Experimental, Public Art
Performing Arts Performing, Music (instrument), Singing, Composing
Other Visual Arts/Crafts Land Art