Brady Freeman
Style and technique: Brady’s worked within the “Art Connects” Program at Araluen for about eight
years. He quickly revealed a talent for crafting harmony from chaos. Brady’s extremely outgoing and
his work reflects his social personality. In mood and energy, his images are often an accurate visual
summary of the experience of holding a conversation with him. Through the image-making process,
Brady expresses the energy he absorbs in the studio. Every mark springs from the moment and his
compositions are full of characters - each spiral of ink and painted shape takes on a life and personality.
Brady experiments continually with colour and is open to new techniques, inventing as he builds up an
image with many layers over a number of weeks. The result is an experience rich in texture and colour
with a abundance of interest beneath the surface.

Career Highlights:
• Winner: Valid “Having a say” Art Exhibition, Geelong; 2016
• “Abstract Conversations” - showing at Eltham Library Community Gallery; 2014
• The Nillumbik Prize 2013 & 2015; finalist
• Finalist - AAA Art Prize, Sydney; 2012
• The State Trustees “Connected 11” Art Exhibition and Prize; finalist
• Selected for the Rob McNamara exhibition for artists with and without disability; 2011
• Numerous Araluen group exhibitions including Nillumbik Shire Council ‘Red Chair’ event December
2012, Dickerson Gallery, Collingwood (2010) and Queen’s Hall, Parliament House of Victoria (2009)
• Local venues and Festivals including annual participation in the Eltham Rotary Town Festival
Brady Freeman